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AWISH EVENT: Arthritis Rendez-Vous 2024

AWISH organized a Community Information Day, a free public event with numerous community organizations info booths; 3 guest speakers (topics of arthritis & mental health care); door prizes; food & drink; and a chance for community members to meet & greet!

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Spring Edition Newsletter Periwinkle Floral Wreath

Newsletter: Joint Effort – Spring 2024

A Quarterly Newsletter by AWISH – check out the table of contents for this issue & view the full newsletter.

AWISH members ($25/year membership) receive advanced copies of Joint Effort by email or print – thank you for your support!

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Louise Bergeron, Arthritis Advocacy

Louise: Diagnosis, now what?

Louise found herself struggling to manage two recently diagnosed severe arthritis conditions while feeling emotional and directionless. She flags the importance of constructing positive partnerships, getting/sharing insights and being the lead on your own case.

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Barb Chartrand

Barb’s Story

Barb describes her journey through a sudden magnification of Rheumatoid Arthritis severity and evolving solutions to keep motivated, moving and learning. Her discoveries include the cognitive and social healing value of support groups and volunteering.

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Anne Pallen

Anne: My Experience with Methotrexate

Anne shares her early experiences to finally find treatments that worked for her case via journalling to better understand her condition and the feelings it brings, like-minded positive support group involvement and discovering a medication that changed her life.

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