Joint Effort – Winter 2024

Mixed Feelings After Joint Replacement
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While most osteoarthritis patients welcome the pain relief that comes with total knee replacement, some also experience psychological impacts that aren’t so pleasant.

“My leg feels like it’s made of lead”, one patient told a research group led by Andrew Moore, BSc, PhD, of the University of Bristol in England. “It feels like someone is holding your knees when you move, it’s like someone is putting pressure there”, said another. And, said a third: “I know it’s not my knee. It’s an alien knee in there. I don’t really feel connected to it”.

Those were just some of the reactions Moore and colleagues elicited for a study now published in Arthritis Care & Research, meant to explore patients’ thoughts about their artificial implants. They interviewed 34 patients undergoing total knee replacement at two British referral hospitals, asking a semi-structured series of questions about pain and, importantly, other types of discomfort.

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