Arthritis: West Island and Canadian Statistics

Reports and Stats on Arthritis in Canada and the West Island
Montreal West Island map with names of cities

West Island Statistics:

Arthritis demographic – an extrapolation for the Montreal West Island

  • The published population of Montreal West Island from the 2021 Census was 238,000 (adults and children). source
  • Over recent years the WI population has significantly increased in numbers of seniors.
  • 2021 statistics state 13.7% of Quebec adults (over 12 yrs of age) report arthritis. That percentage is increasing every year.
  • Therefore – as a conservative estimate with our aging population, it’s likely that at least 150,000 of those 238,000 inhabitants are now over the age of 15 in the West Island.
  • It follows then that are 150,000 x 13.7% = at least 20,550 WI individuals who could benefit from arthritis services like those of AWISH!
  • … And this does not include those experiencing the disease under that age, non arthritis-reporting individuals, nor the family members and caregivers supporting those trying to cope with the disease.

AWISH statistics:

Since 2006, when annual statistics were first collected in depth, AWISH has reached out to or helped a cumulative total of 800 (Covid years) to 1850 WI and surrounding area residents per year, through hundreds of activities, videos, programs and services.

AWISH volunteer hours per year: typically 1100 -2000 in recent years

AWISH Newsletters distributed: 1300 – 3100 annually since 2017

Canadian Statistics:

There is insufficient current Canadian arthritis statistic information available. Most figures have been gleaned from past Census year reports (which do not contain the same questions year by year), or other government studies often geared to particular populations. However, even with older information, the trend is significant, and not only in Canada: rapidly growing numbers of arthritics compounded by aging population, virus and environmental triggers; increased health costs and decreased sufficiency of health care practitioners and coverage. The National Status of Arthritis in Canada Report (2019) informs us that by 2040, the number of Canadians living with arthritis is projected to rise from the current 6M to 9M. In 2019 it already encompassed a staggering 20% of Canadians, more than half of which are under 65 years of age.

Please also see this summary from the Arthritis Research Foundation (pre-2021): Arthritis – A health & economic challenge in Canada.

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